Who and what are the Hjärtekviltarna ? 
Well, we are a number of women with a mutual interest in textiles and particularly patchwork and quilting. We decided on the name when planning our first show at Åbergs trädgård (Åbergs Garden) 2006. 

Being a Hjärtekviltare you share your knowledge, time and interest. There is nothing more valuable than a helping hand when you are stuck because the pattern is a complicated pattern or you want to learn a new skill. Nothing is more inspiring than to see what fellow quilters have accomplished.

Do you know of any activities interesting for Hjärtekviltare (e g exhibitions, places to go to)? Give a hint  >>>

Autumn 2015 we meet:

At SV in Ystad

Tuesdays 6 - 9 pm (18 - 21 o'clock)
Thursdays 1 4 pm (13 - 16 o'clock)
Price: 300 kronor per half year

At Äppelgården i Kivik
Tuesdays 1 - 4 pm (13 - 16  o'clock)

In Skurup 
Mondays bi-weekly


Would you like to join us? … or do you want to know more about the  Hjärtekviltarna?
Please send us a mail via the ”kontaktsidan”



When you find flaws regarding the english text on this site - please let us know via the ”kontaktsidan”